Christmas Bikes 2018! Christmas Bikes 2018! Christmas Bikes 2018! Miles of Smiles

Christmas Bikes 2018 is going to be another exciting year. Why did we say it three times in our title? Because Ride for bikes has expanded again. Last year we had a very successful program and added Lovington, NM to the Ride for Bikes family. They did an excellent job of fundraising and assembling bikes. This year we are adding Tatum to the Christmas Bike program. So that’s three locations, 600 children who will get new Christmas bikes.

Come be a part of the Miles of Smiles Project

Join us at

The Community Christmas Bike Build

Friday at 7 PM December 7th at Tatum Elementary, 306 west 3rd street, Tatum, NM

Saturday at 8 AM December 8, 2018

Artesia Activity Center 612 North 8th Street in Artesia, NM.

Llano Elementary 1000 South 1st Street in Lovington, NM.

Come out to help us assemble and deliver 600 bikes for every kindergartner attending Grand Heights school in Artesia, Llano Elementary in Lovington, and Tatum Elementary in Tatum, NM.

This year marks the thirteenth year the public 501.c.3 charity, Ride for Bikes, has assembled and delivered bikes for the children of southeastern New Mexico.

Over the past twelve years, Ride for Bikes has awarded bikes to children in Roswell, Carlsbad, Artesia, Dexter, Lovington, and Hagerman. Organizations who have received bikes are; CASA, Grammy’s House, Heart’s Desire, Headstart, Lovington and Artesia public schools, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Over 4,000 bikes!

Bring your own tools, a set of metric wrenches, 10 mm to 15mm, open and box end, a Crescent wrench and Phillip’s screwdriver. But don’t worry if you’ve never assembled a bike. There is a job for everyone, including the kids. It is a great family experience.

To successfully accomplish our Christmas bike goal, the 2018 bike budget is approximately $30,000. We are asking for your help to meet this objective. This target is set so that no child is left out. Any dollar amount does make a difference and is greatly appreciated. If you are fortunate to be able to generously donate, please do. The cost of one bike is only $50 and brings years of joy to a child. So, ask yourself, how many do I want to buy?

We need volunteers and donations. A fifty dollar donation buys one bike.
We need to raise $30,000 between now and Christmas.

Checks should be made out to “Ride for Bikes GAF and mailed to;
Greater Artesia Foundation
P.O. Box 1344
Artesia, NM 88211-1344

Please donate and come out and support the Miles of Smiles Project.
The Christmas Bike Program