ride for bikes logoRide for Bikes is a 501(c)(3) public charity that was established in 2005 to raise funds, purchase, assemble and give away tricycles and bicycles to deserving children for Christmas. Due to the success of the charity, we would now like to help a student achieve their goals in education.

The Ride for Bikes, “Ride to Meet the Challenge”, scholarship is a different type of scholarship from those scholarships that are generally given out to high school students.

The Ride to Meet the Challenge (RMC) scholarship is designed to recognize and reward those students who have had a challenge in their life and have fought back and are now able to graduate and continue their education by attending college or a trade or specialty school.

There are many scholarships that do a good job of rewarding those students that excel in sports or academics. However, Ride for Bikes wants to help those students that may have encountered an obstacle in their life that has deeply affected them and their family.

The requirements of the Ride for Bikes Scholarship are: They have seen hardship, they have met the challenge to move forward and they are ready to continue in their education. The students need to submit an essay describing the challenge they faced, how they overcame it and what are their future plans. These essays do not paint rosy pictures of a child’s life.

Ride for Bikes feels that in many ways these students will be the leaders and achievers of the future because they have a proven record of overcoming hardship and making the best of what they have. These students have pulled themselves up, dusted themselves off and without feeling sorry for themselves or asking for a hand out, are ready to proceed with life.

These resilient students are the ones we want to help. And in order to do so we need your help. Please ask yourself, “How can I help these students succeed?”

Ride for Bikes Greatly appreciates your generosity and your commitment of time and energy.